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Authors Spotlight-Lora Bynum, M.S, MPA & Ti Dandy, MSS, MLSP, LSW

Names: Lora Bynum and Ti Dandy and together our brand in which we

produce children books is called: The BynumDandy Project.

Location: Lora and Ti are both Philadelphia natives. Currently Lora resides in

Philadelphia, PA and Ti recently moved to Dallas, TX

Occupation: Lora is a Program Analyst for the City of Philadelphia, Department of

Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) and Ti formerly a

Program Analyst for DBHIDS is now an Entrepreneur (Private Consultant). We met

while working together at the City of Philadelphia DBHIDS

Cree is a shy, fun loving girl who longs for friends. Cree has been shunned and ignored

by her peers because of her occasional outbursts. Even the typical school day is filled

with challenges as Cree deals with processing her various emotions. With the help of

her school counselor, Cree begins to find comfort within herself and gains the

necessary knowledge to succeed in social settings and positively embrace her


The book highlights some of the everyday and very real challenges that many of the

children and families we serve deal with. The book incorporates the following messages


  • Promotes the reality that children uniquely deal with Intellectual DisAbilities and Mental Health issues, and they have their own ways of expressing it, so we need to look for subtle clues

  • Helps Adults foster a platform where adults and children can be more comfortable talking about matters that impact behavioral health.

  • Demonstrates that with a little support and encouragement, children can and will push beyond their disAbilities and challenges.

What inspired you to become authors?

We were inspired to become authors by our professions; knowing that there were

children out there that were being labeled as “bad” because they were simply

misunderstood. We wanted to create a book that could bridge that gap and give

parents, teachers, and counselors a tool to spark dialogue between them and the

children they support. We understood that with the right amount of love and support,

children can flourish; thus, Cree Wins the Day! was born.

Who do you write the books for?

We write books for children. As we branch off into writing more books, we will work

towards writing books to cover all age ranges. For now, our book is for children in

children in grades K-3.

How can parents help their children become anti-racist?

Given the state of our country, we now more than ever understand the importance of

inclusion. We believe that parents can do this early on by their actions and not just their

words. Children are sponges and they are a direct reflection of what they are watching

their parents say and do; so, parents have to lead by example. Parents can make it their

priority to expose their children toys, books, movies, activities, etc that show and

discuss people of all ethnicities and cultures. Parents should also make sure their kids

are involved in activities that are diverse so children can understand and become

comfortable with diversity early on.

What brings you joy?

Lora: Motivating and inspiring people to evolve into the best version of themselves

Ti: Creating systems that have a positive impact on change

What is the best advice you received?

Lora: When you change your mindset, you change your life.

Ti: Be your authentic self!

How do you practice self care?

Lora: By traveling, listening to music, hanging with friends, creating, researching.

Ti: Laughing with people I love, traveling, reading, listening to music, and eating good


What do you wish for your readers?

We wish that any reader that chooses to read our books understands the messages in

them and learn something that changes them for the better. We then hope for that

reader to pass on their experience to the next child/family/educator/counselor, etc.

When is your next book coming out?

We are planning for 2021; we will definitely keep you posted!

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