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Mindful Kids Coaching's I-Message Sticky Notepad is a great tool for kids and families to express themselves as well as solve problems while developing the skill of labeling feelings and asserting needs.

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"These I message sticky notes have been so handy to have around. When one of my kids is feeling down or angry, I’ve been having them fill these out as well as letting them have their space to figure out what they’re feeling. It’s been an awesome way to have another way to connect with my child, and my seven year old loves that it’s short, simple and to the point. They’re a simple yet effective tool to have around."

Check In With Yourself Journal will help you and your kids incorporate self-care into your everyday.


Journaling is a great tool for processing feelings, promoting mindfulness, relieving stress and achieving your goals.


The Wheel of Calm Down Choices is a great tool and visual for kids to improve their self-regulation skills.  This download provides two PDFs-

 -a wheel with calming skills already filled in

 -a blank one wheel for your child to fill out

Your child will get to choose which one they want.  This is a great way to get buy in and make sure they are practicing these skills on a regular basis so they are able to access it when needed.  

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