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Coaching for Kids

Fallyn focuses her sessions on current challenges while helping your child develop their social and emotional skillset including appropriately identifying and expressing feelings, calming down skills as well as building self-esteem and confidence.

Coaching for Parents

Fallyn helps you develop your parenting skills including setting kind and firm boundaries, creating connection and remaining calm during stressful situations while addressing your family's specific challenges. She will become a helpful resource and trusted adult for you and your family. 

Group Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Fallyn is available to lead workshops on many topics relevant to parents and children. Fallyn has led workshops at PTA meetings, conferences and "parent parties" where a group of friends hire Fallyn to come over to run workshop and discussion on the topic of their choice.


Presentation topics have included: 

How to get your kids to listen

How to develop your child's social and emotional intelligence

How to navigate your child's challenging behavior

How to support your anxious child

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