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Giving Yourself the Gift of Taking a Break

Well, this month is all about breaks because I've been taking them and they are necessary. Long breaks, short breaks, calm down breaks, all of it is so necessary and a lot of times it may feel wrong to take them or not the right time because of X, Y and Z.

The last time I sent out a newsletter was in September. I didn't plan for this long of a break but it's what was necessary due to my circumstances. I've been doing IVF for over a year and have had quite the road. Going through the ups and downs of IVF while still working full-time in a very stressful job as an elementary school counselor for 3 schools while working with my private clients didn't leave much room for anything else.

So embrace the break. Encourage your kids and students to take breaks- from school work, from social media, from friendships, from sweets, from an emotional overload. It's such a valuable lesson to learn. When we view breaks as positive and necessary, and not something that's bad. a punishment and/or to be looked down upon, people of all ages will thrive. Some breaks can be five minutes and some breaks can be 8 months. There is no right or wrong when it comes to taking breaks and doing what's right for you.

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