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Parent Spotlight - Mary To-Saturnio


Mary To-Saturnio 


San Diego, CA 


Owner of IZZAROO and Mindful Moms Movement, which empower families to live a creative and intentional life.

Children (Names, Age)

Zander 8, Zoey 5 

What brings you joy as a parent?

Seeing my kids live out concepts that we teach and model for them like the growth mindset, abundance, and gratitude. I also get so much joy from learning from my kids every day. They teach me how to enjoy the simple things, have self-acceptance, and think without limitations.

What are some of your challenges as a parent?

Having patience when they test their boundaries. Reacting quickly instead of pausing to respond to them with dignity and respect. Controlling limiting beliefs around not having the skills to parent them well.

What is the best advice you received or lessons learned as a parent?

Children will do as we do and not as we say. If we want our children to act a certain way our own behavior needs to match the words we tell them. 

How do you practice self care?

I have a morning routine that involves me waking up at least 1-2 hrs before my kids. I find so much peace in waking up to a quiet home. It gives me the time and mental space to focus on myself and fill my own cup. I exercise, meditate (breath, say affirmations and visualize my future), journal, read and start working. When my family wakes up, my cup is overflowing into theirs and it's a great start to our day.

How do you make time for your relationship with your partner?

We sit down nightly to answer a connection question together from the book 365 connecting questions for couples. We have weekly in-home dates as well as monthly out of the home dates. We also front load plan our weeks, months, quarters so we know we're prioritizing events/trips that matter.

Are your parenting styles different than your partners?  How do you manage parenting with your partner?

We align our parenting styles by attending workshops together and sharing new concepts we learn. 

How do you spend quality time with your children?

Typically, one day each weekend we reserve as our "family day". This will usually involve us spending time outside hiking, biking, playing and exploring new places together. We value experiences so we will often look for and plan experiences for our family that are active, fun and interesting. One day each month, we prioritize a 1:1 date with each child. We think creatively for activities to do or places to eat that are meaningful and fun. 

What parenting tools work for you and your family?

We like to reference the Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards often. It's a great way to find solutions/inspiration for everyday parenting hurdles.

Favorite parenting books or resources? 

My husband got me hooked on a great podcast called the Dad Edge Podcast. It is full of great tips for anyone (including Moms) who want to be better parents. 

What do you wish for your children?

I wish for them, the courage to take risk, make mistakes, and learn from them. To live boldly, think differently and show more kindness than they receive. I wish they will harness their own unique power to impact the world in the most positive ways possible.

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