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Rock, Paper, Scissors   ️

This month's theme is Rock, Paper, Scissors. also known as Ro, Sham, Bo. This is by far the best problem solving tool for kids to make a decision in a fair and fun way.

Kids can learn Rock, Paper, Scissors as early as three years old. It's a fun game that only requires your hands to play.

Kids can play to decide who is going first in a game, choosing an activity or anything else that requires a decision between two or more people. This is a fun and fair way to put the power in your kids' hands (literally) and will help them be peaceful problem solvers.

Make sure to practice with your children so they know the appropriate rules and throw their symbol at the correct time as well as don't change their symbol once they see the other person's. It's also important to talk about how it feels to win and lose and what positive self-talk they can use if they are feeling disappointed that they lost as well as how to be kind to those who lost.

  • Rock beats Scissors

  • Scissors beats Paper

  • Paper beats Rock

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