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Taking A Moment to Pause

Happy New Year! It seems like it may be too late to say this since January has felt more like three months instead of three weeks. This month I'm asking you to take a moment to pause. In the craziness of life, it can seem like a very hard task yet it can be so powerful.

Taking a moment to pause gives you the opportunity to respond vs. react to a situation that may be triggering. It allows you to enjoy the sweetness you may have not noticed or felt otherwise. It helps clarify your priorities and intentions. It allows you to check-in with you.

Here is a worksheet to help you get clear about your intentions as a parent. This exercise require you to pause and think about what is important to you as a parent. It will help clarify and remind you to pause when you feel or notice your actions are not aligning with your intentions.

Everyone benefits when we take a moment to pause. Unless there is an emergency, the pause usually makes every situation better. I encourage you to embrace the pause. If you feel that taking a moment to pause is not possible, please reach out for support.

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