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Mindful Kids Coaching with Fallyn helps transform

stressful moments into meaningful ones for you and your family.

Get the support to eliminate daily struggles

specializes in social emotional learning for both children & parents.

Fallyn teaches invaluable skills that promote social and emotional well-being, growth and success at home, school and beyond. Mindful Kids Coaching provides the most effective results including confidence, empowerment and increased self-esteem for both parents and children while meeting established goals and fostering connection in a fun and flexible environment.

Could you and your family benefit?

  • Does your child have a hard time controlling his/her anger?

  • Does your child have difficulty making and keeping friends?

  • Does your child have a hard time listening?

  • Does your child have challenges with anxiety?

  • Does your child struggle with controlling impulses?

  • Does your child have a hard time opening up to you?

  • Does your child have difficulty dealing with disappointment and making mistakes?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Fallyn can help!


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Happy Clients

Have you ever had that feeling when you just want someone to listen? Well Fallyn does that she listens, suggests, and most importantly helps. It is fun to work with Fallyn every Monday.  


M, age 10

Our daughter needed extra support in order to not get stuck in her feelings or have her reactions to adversity send her off in the wrong direction.  Fallyn has given and continues to give her the tools to deal with her passionate responses to things.  She is listening to our daughter's perspective with an open heart.  She is helping her to feel more comfortable with who she is.  She is helping gently and kindly bring her in touch with how she feels and helping her express it in a positive manner.  I have no doubt that her experience and connection with Fallyn will continue to help her grow and experience her life's journey as a balanced and optimistic person with a centered personality and ease with her experiences of the world around her.  We love you Fallyn!


Jesse and Erin

 I was very frustrated trying to get Sadie ready for school and out the door (it's always the most stressful part of my day) and I took some deep breaths to stop myself from yelling at her...she asked me if I was "practicing my belly breathing!" It made me so happy to know she retained that and that we both put what you taught us into action. You are very good at what you do! 

Hilary, Mom of Sadie (3) & Ava (6 mos)

Fallyn Smith worked with my two daughters (ages 8 & 10) after the death of their grandfather (my father) and she helped them process their grief.  Fallyn always made my daughters feel comfortable and safe, and she gave them tools to manage their anxiety and fears. Fallyn is a compassionate woman who has a special way of connecting with children so that they feel safe and cared for while discussing their feelings. 


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