Mindful Kids Coaching with Fallyn helps transform

stressful moments into meaningful ones for you and your family.

Get the support to eliminate daily struggles

specializes in social emotional learning for both children & parents.

Fallyn teaches invaluable skills that promote social and emotional well-being, growth and success at home, school and beyond. Mindful Kids Coaching provides the most effective results including confidence, empowerment and increased self-esteem for both parents and children while meeting established goals and fostering connection in a fun and flexible environment.

Could you and your family benefit?

  • Does your child have a hard time controlling his/her anger?

  • Does your child have difficulty making and keeping friends?

  • Does your child have a hard time listening?

  • Does your child have challenges with anxiety?

  • Does your child struggle with controlling impulses?

  • Does your child have a hard time opening up to you?

  • Does your child have difficulty dealing with disappointment and making mistakes?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Fallyn can help!


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