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Parent Spotlight - Allie Lasota

Name: Alexandra (Allie) Lasota

Location: New Providence, NJ

Occupation :Mom, Wife, FT professional and Mommy Entrepreneur - Zumbini with Allie

Children (Names, Age): I have a soon to be 3 year old daughter, Anya

What brings you joy as a parent?

Every time my daughter laughs.  Also, each morning when she wakes up and calls for me…it’s the best part of my day.  I also think it’s important for children to grow up with animals in the household.  The statement a house is just a house without any pets, is totally true.  Watching my daughter grow up and learn how to treat animals is a great life lesson.  The bond between my daughter and our dog and 2 cats is priceless.

What are some of your challenges as a parent?

These days, every day is a challenge.  My daughter is 2.  There is a lot of negotiating going on these days and or bribery.  Its like Lets Make a Deal in our house these days.

What is the best advice you received or lessons learned as a parent?

I have always listened to my pediatricians advice from Day 1 on almost everything.  He has been spot on and I love him!  He has drilled into my head, Safety first and not to create any bad habits from the get go.  The latter definitely makes me think twice before we agree to anything with our daughter.   My mom’s advice is to let my daughter be who she is going to be.  “Don’t try and change her”.  I have to remember this one often, it’s a good one.

How do you practice self care?

I love going to the gym (when I can) for a Yoga or HITT class.  Also, I get massages on a regular basis.  My mind and body needs it and thanks me!  I actually took my first mommy trip away from the household this summer and went down to SC to visit from friends from college.  Just me.  I totally recommend it!!

How do you make time for your relationship with your partner?

We always try to get our daughter down at a reasonable time so we have time to sit down and watch our favorite shows (that we DVR).  Each year we go away for a night or 2 to celebrate our anniversary.  I realized you need the time away and out of the house. 

Are your parenting styles different than your partners?  How do you manage parenting with your partner?

We play good cop, bad cop.   We try not to yell but we don’t always agree.  I definitely have more rules than my husband does. Lol.  We are still figuring this one out as parents :)

How do you spend quality time with your children?

My daughter and I go to the Library every Monday after school and to my Zumbini class every Saturday together.   These days we also spend lots of time doing crafts and coloring.  My husband enjoys snuggling on the couch and watching Moana or Frozen with our daughter.  This is their thing and its cute.

What parenting tools work for you and your family?

I joined a local Moms group which has been great to meet other local moms and I try and get to know the parents at my daughters daycare when I can.  It’s always nice to know you aren’t the only one going through a phase.

Favorite parenting books or resources? 

I subscribe to emails, which I read often.  There are always good tips on behavior or picky eating.

What do you wish for your children?

To grow up and be happy, strong, sweet and caring, independent and never have her heart broken.  I want her to have a purpose and not just exist in life.  I hope she dreams BIG and does anything she puts her mind to.  I will always support her and I will let her know that as she gets older.  My mother always said, “I don’t have to like you right now, but I will always LOVE you.”  My mother and I are best friends and I hope that I can say the same for me and my daughter.

Tell us more about your business:

My business is Zumbini with Allie.  I have 2 locations in New Jersey and run a weekly Music and Movement class for babies and toddlers.   The Zumbini program is very unique because it was created by Zumba fitness and Baby First TV Network and really focuses on the bond between the child and caregiver.  The Music is FUN and Original and very diverse! Classes run for 10 weeks during the Fall, Winter and Spring.  For older children 5-12 we also have a Zumba Kids class which is a rockin', high-energy dance parties packed with kid-friendly routines.  We break down steps, add games, activities and cultural exploration elements into the class structure.

Finally, we can host your child’s next birthday party.  We offer both 60 and 90 minutes packages for Zumbini or Zumba kids party.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ Zumbiniwithallie

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