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Parent Spotlight - LaWanda Dyson White, Esq.

Name: LaWanda Dyson White, Esquire

Location: Cheltenham, PA Occupation: Lawyer Children: Khalil 22, Kailey 11  What brings you joy as a parent?

Everything that comes with it!!  God has blessed me with some pretty amazing children.  Just watching them go about their day brings me joy.  Witnessing them exhibit respect and love to others gives me joy.  Laughing and playing with them gives me joy.  Being a mom will always be my favorite job! What are some of your challenges as a parent?

I struggle with instances where I have to let go and allow my children to advocate for themselves.  They need to learn that skill as they will need to do that throughout their lives.  It is something that must be done but it is still hard for me to watch at times and not intervene and fix things for them.   What is the best advice you received or lessons learned as a parent?

A great lesson I’ve learned as a parent is not to sweat the small things.   How do you practice self care?

I have improved my self care efforts during quarantine.  I actually enjoy doing virtual workouts and taking walks!  Binge watching shows on Netflix is also something I enjoy with a nice bowl of popcorn! How do you make time for your relationship with your partner?

This is definitely an area I need to work on.  Prior to quarantine, my work schedule, son’s college basketball schedule and daughter’s activities schedule really ate up most of my time.  Snuggling up for a good movie before bed would typically be our quality time together.  Our schedule is much better now.  When we get the all clear, date nights will certainly be put on the schedule. Are your parenting styles different than your partners?  How do you manage parenting with your partner?

Our parenting styles are very different but we compliment each other very well.  My husband would tell you I am an overbearing helicopter mom who spoils our children. My husband is laid back but can be strict at times.  We have our areas that we deal with. Academics has always been my turf. Discipline has more so been his. How do you spend quality time with your children?  

We are a very close family.  We support our children in their activities so a lot of our quality time is spent in basketball gyms and dance competitions.  We also love eating out, going to the movies and taking trips with our children. What parenting tools work for you and your family?

I am an active member of my church, sorority and a wonderful organization for mothers of color.  All three of these memberships have connected me to awesome parents that offer tools and advice that help me as a parent. Favorite parenting books or resources?

 I have a devotional for busy women I love to read called A Moment to Breathe.  Honestly, my family have been the best resources for me.  I have two sisters, one older and one younger, who both have four children. Anytime I need advice, to vent or to be talked off of a ledge 🤣 my sisters are always there!   What do you wish for your children?

I wish for my children to receive their hearts’ desires.  They know like I do, with God all things are possible!  In the current state of our country it is easy for me to worry and be afraid for what could happen to them just because of their skin color.  I wish for healing for our country so that I don’t have to worry or be afraid.  More importantly, so they don’t have to worry or be afraid.

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