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Parent Spotlight -Sofia Mendoza, LCSW

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Name: Sofia Mendoza, LCSW

Location: Long Beach, Ca 

Occupation: Therapist

Child (Names, Age): Emma, 5 years old

Self-Care Planning products: Amazon Store

What's your background?I'm a first generation professional which means that I'm the first person in my family to go to college and earn a professional degree. I have a private practice where I provide psychotherapy with First Generation Professionals navigating the different spheres of their lives and identities. I also create self-help products such as guided journals (habit trackers, reflection, gratitude, coping) and social service professional notebooks. I'm passionate about mental health and making it accessible. I consider my journals and products as a tool for self-help and self-care. 

What brings you joy as a parent? Seeing my daughter laugh and full of joy. Bonus if we're laughing about something together.  What are some of your challenges as a parent? For me, it's having the energy to play at the end of the day. Since I work long hours, by the time I come home, I'm exhausted. And when we aren't able to have that special bonding time together, emotional vulnerability is especially high for both of us. What is the best advice you received or lessons learned as a parent? Self-forgiveness and compassion is something that I'm learning to do a lot, especially as it comes to making mistakes as a parent (and human in general). It helps to re-align my purpose for the next step and proceed with kindness toward myself and my daughter. How do you practice self care? Doing nothing. I recharge by slowing all the day down and enjoying silence at being home. I also go walking with a dear friend. We talk about all things mommyhood and business.  How do you make time for your relationship with your partner? I've started to implement a daily 10 minutes dedicated to TLC for my partner which can involve all the love languages.  Are your parenting styles different than your partners?  I definitely like to let my daughter learn from making mistakes (with reason) and my partner wants to shield her from it. He tends to be more physically protective.

How do you manage parenting with your partner? We talk about it and try to be on the same page with most decisions and rules.  How do you spend quality time with your children? Crafting, cooking, and lots of Lego time. We also love trying new restaurants as a family. What parenting tools work for you and your family? Structure, routine and slowing down as a family.  Favorite parenting books or resources? Anything Dan Siegel. My favorite is The Whole Brain Child. It's a go-to, especially after challenging parenting moments. What do you wish for your child?  My wish is that she knows how much I believe in her and that she believe in herself tenfold. 

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